The Chief Executive: The Government Has the Required Focus and Control over Major Projects in Farah Province

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met with the representative of Farah province in the Parliament and a number of elders and youth of the province.

In this meeting, Mohammad Sarwar Osmani Farahi, representative of Farah province presented information about the security situation and the problems of development projects, especially Bakhshabad dam, Kamal Khan dam as well as road construction, education and agriculture in the province.

Mr. Farahi called on the Chief Executive to pay attention to activation of the common market in Farah province, because by doing so, revenue and job creation would be increased. He also asked to ensure security of highways and development of transit and trade in the province.

The youth of Farah shared their demands and suggestions in the field of education, higher education, scholarships, employment, and fair political participation with the Chief Executive and called for his attention.

A number of residents of the province said, “Farmers expect the government leaders to support agricultural products and make them available to the government and security entities.”

Elders and youth of Farah called for strengthening of development projects and accelerating the process of the approved projects, in particular the Bakhshabad dam and Kamal Khan dam in the province.

After Lisyening to their words, the Chief Executive said the government has the required focus and control over the implementation of major projects in Farah, and their work would not be stopped.

The Chief Executive assured them that practical measures would be taken in the fields of education, higher education and scholarships. Dr. Abdullah said that he would direct the Ministry of Agriculture to produce and distribute modified seeds for the farmers of the province.

The Chief Executive said about activation of the common market, he would raise the issue at the meeting of the Security Council.