Press Release: The Office of the Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

The government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, understanding deep concern of the Muslims and the Islamic world, has already expressed its deep concern over the official recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and transfer of the United States Embassy to the city through diplomatic channels to the leadership of the US.

The decision made hurts emotions of all Muslims in the world and endangers the peace process in the Middle East, so that any unilateral action in this regard without Palestine's participation and finding a solution for making an independent state would not result in a positive outcome and a lasting solution.

The Government of National Unity and the Afghan Muslim people, along with other Muslims in the world, seek to ensure Palestinian people's right for having an independent state.

Jerusalem as the first Qiblah of all Muslims in the world, which is also important to other religions, whose position must be established in accordance with the international law, United Nations resolutions and the will of millions of Muslims in the world.

As it is seen, fortunately, there is a global consensus about Jerusalem, no one can one-sidedly decide about it; a permanent solution must be found in the general framework of peace.

The Government of National Unity for realization of permanent and just peace in Palestine, in partnership with the Muslim world and the international community in the framework of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the United Nations, constantly supports this process.

December 7, 2017