The Chief Executive Met with a Number of Residents of Takhar Province

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met with a number of the elders and youth of Takhar province in his office.

At the beginning of the meeting, participants raised the insecurity and presence of irresponsible gunmen in a number of districts of Takhar province as their biggest problem.

They also said local powerful and irresponsible gunmen in several districts of Takhar would prevent the implementation of public projects.

According to them, they have repeatedly referred to the local authorities of Takhar but their demands have not been taken into consideration.

The elders and youth of Takhar asked the Chief Executive to pay attention to the rule of law, implementation of it, and provision of justice and consideration of their demands.

After listening to the participants' concerns and demands, Dr. Abdullah said that security and public order were the main responsibility of the government, adding that the security problems of the residents of Takhar would be addressed.

The Chief Executive said that everyone is the same before the law; whoever acts beyond the law and oppresses the people, the government is responsible for his/her prosecution.

Addressing the participants, Dr. Abdullah said he would direct the relevant institutions to deal with their challenges and demands.