The "Moderation" Committee was opened at the Office of the Chief Executive

The “Moderation" executive committee was opened in framework of the Secretariat of the Office of the Chief Executive.

At the inauguration of the committee, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan emphasized on the necessity of promoting moderate thoughts and beliefs and fighting extremism in Afghanistan.

Stating that Islam is a moderate religion, the Chief Executive said radical, violent and extremist ideas were imposed on parts of Afghanistan’s community.

Describing goals of the executive committee of Moderation, Dr. Abdullah added that extremism and violence threaten Afghanistan's safety and security and takes victims of our society every day.

The Chief Executive said that it is a matter of concern and regret that the holy religion of Islam, which is a religion of moderation and void of violence and extremism, is being abused as a tool of violence, radicalization and suicide attacks.

Dr. Abdullah thanked Ulema and religious scholars for promoting moderate thoughts and said majority of the Ulema played an important role in institutionalization of moderate thoughts and beliefs and accepted the regime of the Islamic Republic and Constitution of the country.

Saying that the countries of the region and of the world are suffering from terrorism and extremism, the Chief Executive said forming the executive committee of Moderation is a step towards combating extremism and is a foundation for the next generation and the youth of the country.

Further, the Ministers of Hajj and Endowments, Refugees and Returnees, members of the Ulema Council of Afghanistan, members of civil society organizations and women's rights activists spoke on the formation of the Moderation Committee and appreciated the initiative of the Chief Executive.

They referred to factors of spread of extremism in Afghanistan, in the region and in the world, saying that the first step would be fighting roots of emergence of extremism.

The Ulem pointed out that Islam has warned its followers of extremism in all sectors, saying that a true and correct reading of the Islamic teachings should be presented.

They added that a significant portion of the current turmoil in Afghanistan is rooted in extremist thoughts based on violence.

Dr. Abdullah urged the Ulema and the participants to share their views and comments in writing with the secretariat of the committee.