The Chief Executive Met with New Ambassador of Turkey to Afghanistan

The Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met with Oğuzhan Ertuğrul, new ambassador of Turkey in his office at the Sepidar Palace.

At the meeting, the Chief Executive congratulated Mr. Ertuğrul’s appointment as new ambassador of Turkey to Afghanistan and appreciating Turkey’s presence and contribution to Afghanistan, expressed hope that relations between the two countries during Mr. Ertuğrul’s service would further develop and strengthen.

Turkey's new ambassador at the meeting called Afghanistan his own home and reassured that he would try to expand relations between the two countries during his period of service in Afghanistan. Mr. Ertuğrul assured that Turkey will continue its assistance in the political, economic, military and cultural areas to Afghanistan under the framework of its commitments through NATO.

Mr. Ertuğrul added that his country is prepared to help Afghanistan not only to ensure stability and security but also to achieve peace.