Statement by the Chief Executive in connection with 6th of Jadi, Anniversary of Invasion of the Soviet Union to Afghanistan

The 6th of Jadi is the reminiscent of apparent invasion of the Soviet Union Red Army to Afghanistan and beginning of displacement, homelessness and calamity of our people. An aggression, which disturbed peace and security of our people and turned our country into a center of crisis and insecurity.

On such a day, the Red Army of the Soviet Union occupied Afghanistan by breaking all political and humanity frontiers, killing the Afghan people who had committed no sin but humanity and free living.

This aggression was not limited to geography of cities and villages of our country, but also targeted territory of our people's faiths and beliefs, ridiculed our sacredness and set our values unworthy.

The aggression that destroyed all infrastructure, killed more than one and a half million of our compatriots, left more disabled and handicapped and millions displaced and migrants to other countries.

As a result, our poor but resistant people stood up to defend their territorial integrity, and regardless of the differences between their enemies’ haves and their not haves, they entered the jihad, and relying on Allah, they could reverse all calculations of the world and proved that the power of faith is far more than iron and steel.

Now, while on the one hand, we pray for souls of millions of martyrs and praise their sacrifices, on the other hand, remind the people of Afghanistan that the government and the armed forces are now fighting against terrorism and are trying to bring peace, stability and deployment to the country, in cooperation with the international community.

At this historical stage, when our nation are experiencing transition to democracy, rule of law, self-sufficiency and development, I recommend our people to unity, solidarity and mobilization against terrorism and support for the regime in order to protect the martyrs' aims and realization of goals of Mujahedin.


Dr. Abdullah Abdullah

Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan