Press Release by the Chief Executive in Connection with the Terrorist Attack on the Prayers in Nangarhar Province

With great sorrow, we informed that that as a result of a terrorist attack on the prayers of a former local authority in Nangarhar province, a number of our innocent compatriots were martyred and others wounded.

We condemn this terrorist attack with the strongest words, and we ask God Heaven for the victims and speed recovery for the wounded and patience for the family members of the victims.

The evil terrorists pursue their sinister intentions by killing the Afghan civilians.

The criminals attack on mosques, lobbies and cultural centers by misusing the name of religion and high values of Islam and targeting God's worshipers and believers.

The people of Afghanistan today are well aware of the intentions of these terrorists and will confront them more than ever. The past has proven that terrorists and their supporters will not achieve their objectives by killing innocent people and doing violent and aggressive actions.


Dr. Abdullah Abdullah

Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan