The Chief Executive: Farah's Security Situation Will be Improved

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met with a number of representatives of Farah Provincial Council and Farah residents and discussed security problems in the province.

In the meeting, the Chief Executive said that security, administrative and business problems in Farah are under comprehensive review of the government to identify roots of the problems.

The representatives of Farah Provincial Council reported on the latest security developments, problems of business and expectations of the people to the Chief Executive and called for urgent action in this regard.

Also, the elders of the province asked Dr. Abdullah to pay more attention to corruption, insecurity, businessmen’s problems and terrorist suppression.

Then, the Chief Executive said that special attention will be paid to improving the security and administrative situation in Farah in the coming days.

Dr. Abdullah added that he would raise the security issue of Farah at the meeting of the Security Council and the Chief Commander of the Armed Forces in order to be examined substantially.