The Chief Executive: The Construction of Shelter for Displaced People of Darwas Districts of Badakhshsn Will be Started

The Chief Executive of the country, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, in a meeting with people’s council and residents of Skokai district of Badakhshan, said that shelters would be constructed for displaced people of Darwas.

The Chief Executive, in the meeting, said that he would never ignore the great national issues and the good of the people in his decision-making.

The elders of Shokai district praised the Chief Executive’s stance in management of political situation of the country.

Members of people’s council and elders of the district shared their problems, demands and suggestions with the Chief Executive.

They reminded, “Chinese Ambassador in a meeting with you promised to build shelters for displaced people of Darwas but up to now no step has been taken in this regard.”

The Chief Executive added that the government would never ignore the people‘s sacrifices for retention of the regime.

About delay in building shelters for the displaced of Darwas, Dr. Abdullah said that it was delayed due to change of Chinese ambassador; but the new ambassador has promised to start the work soon.

The Chief Executive said that he would try to solve the problems raised.