The Chief Executive, in a meeting with Elders of Nuristan: Development of Deprived Provinces is a priority of the national macro-plans

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met with elders of Nuristan province to discuss their problems in various areas.

The Chief Executive emphasized on the need for further work in Nuristan and said development of deprived and remote provinces is a priority of national macro plans.

Members of People's Council and people of provincial capital of Parun presented their specific proposals on security, health, development and reconstruction issues in Nuristan.

Members of People's Council of Waigal district of Nuristan also raised demands and problems of residents of the district regarding health, education and security and called for it to be resolved.

Dr. Abdullah, in a separate meeting with elders and members of the people’s council of Waigal and the People of provincial capital of Parun, promised to resolve the problems in Nuristan province.

The Chief Executive added that he would direct the relevant Ministers to solve the problems of Nuristan province.