The Chief Executive Met with a Number of Activists and Advocates of Women’s Rights

The Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met with a number of activists and advocates of women’s rights from the capital and the provinces.

Dr. Abdullah, pointing to the major challenges and opportunities in the country, said that a realistic and conscious approach to the leading issues could be a guarantee for the stability of Afghanistan.

The activists and women’s rights advocates shared with the Chief Executive their plans, proposals and specific suggestions regarding the role and participation of women in the capital and provinces.

They said that it is expected that women’s status in the government departments will be developed and enhanced in this round of government.

Then, after listening to their suggestions, Dr. Abdullah said although women’s participation has increased in the government, it is not meant that they have achieved their real status.

The Chief Executive promised to increase the number of women in government departments, in the capital and in the provinces.

Also, Dr. Abdullah clarified on political development and governance, in response to the questions raised by the participants at the meeting.