Leaders of the National Unity Government Received Indonesian President Joko Widodo

The leaders of the National Unity Government met with Indonesian President Joko Widodo, who came to Kabul at the head of a high-ranking delegation.

During the meeting, the high-level panel of the two countries discussed expanding bilateral cooperation in economics, vocational training, making use of opportunities for exports and imports, including the air corridor, formation of a joint economic committee as well as visits of both countries’ religious scholars.

President Ghani told the Indonesian President, "You have come to Kabul in such time that the people of Afghanistan, due to a terrorist incident, are sad and mournful. I am grateful for your sympathy and commitment to peace."

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the country welcomed the Indonesian president and his accompanying delegation, saying that his coming to Afghanistan at this difficult time and expressing sympathy with the Afghan government and people is appreciable.

The Chief Executive added that the Afghan government is grateful to the government and people of Indonesia for their efforts to help and cooperate with Afghanistan.

Dr. Abdullah emphasized on expansion of cooperation between the two countries in various areas, expressing hope for intermediary role of Indonesia in peace process in Afghanistan.

Mr. Widodo expressed his sympathy with the government and people of Afghanistan on recent terrorist incident and wished recovery for the wounded of the incident and patience for families of the victims and the people of Afghanistan.

Mr. Widodo said that after six decades, he is the second Indonesian president to travel to Afghanistan, so this trip represents Indonesia's continued commitment to Afghanistan.

He pledged to cooperate in peace process, grant scholarships to Afghan students and build a major Islamic center in Kabul.

Then, Mr. Widodo and leaders of the Afghan government as well as the officials of the two countries said prayer in the mosque of ARG and prayed for spirit of the martyrs of recent terrorist incident and establishment of peace and stability in Afghanistan.