The Chief Executive Met with Czech Minister of Defense (Jan 30, 2018)

The Chief Executive of Afghanistan, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met with Ms. Karla Slechtova, Czech Minister of Defense in his office at the Sepidar Palace.

At the meeting, the Chief Executive said visit of the Czech Defense Minister to Kabul in the current situation indicates her country's commitment to cooperating with Afghanistan.

Dr. Abdullah called Afghanistan-Czech relations an old and historical, saying that Czech has a special position for Afghanistan.

The Chief Executive spoke about security situation in Afghanistan, saying that the Afghan people are fighting regional and global terrorists and have offered many victims up to now.

Dr. Abdullah added that bases of all terrorists, who are fighting in Afghanistan, are placed in Pakistan territory.

Then, the Czech Defense Minister expressed condolences for the recent terrorist incidents in Kabul and other provinces, saying that she has come to declare her country’s continued commitment to supporting the people and the government of Afghanistan.

Ms. Karla Slechtova expressed her country's readiness to train the Afghan pilots and said the Czech Republic was ready to increase the number of their troops in Afghanistan. She emphasized on continued presence of her country in Afghanistan, adding that the Czech troops are training the Afghan security forces and this program will continue.

The Czech Defense Minister said she was recently appointed to Defense Ministry of Czech and has traveled to Kabul because of the special position that Afghanistan has for them.