The United Kingdom Continues its Full Support to Afghanistan

The Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met with Gareth Bayley, UK's Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, while he was accompanied by British ambassador to Afghanistan.

At the meeting, the British Special Representative presented British Prime Minister's sympathy as well as his personal remarks on recent suicide attacks in Kabul and once again expressed his country's full support from Afghanistan and the National Unity Government.

The Chief Executive welcomed Mr. Bayley’s arrival to Afghanistan and thanked the United Kingdom for its presence and its help to Afghan people.

The two sides exchanged views on the latest political-military developments in the country and emphasized on joint cooperation between the two countries.

Regional relations of Afghanistan, especially relations with Pakistan and how to deal with the terrorist sanctuaries, cutting support from terrorists and strengthening regional relations were discussed at the meeting. The Chief Executive also emphasized on pressing pressure of the international community to end Pakistan’s interventions in Afghanistan and supporting the terrorist groups.

Holding free and transparent parliamentary election and Kabul Process meeting as well as the issues which are about to be discussed at this meeting were discussed.