The Contracts of 108 Development Projects were Signed at the Office of the Chief Executive

The contracts of 108 small development projects, at worth of 31 million dollars, were signed at the Sepidar Palace, attended by Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the country.

These projects will be implemented in the upcoming year in coordination with the Ministry of Economic and financial support of India in 31 provinces of Afghanistan.

India's ambassador to Kabul, Manpritt Vohra said Afghanistan is a reliable and strategic friend of India, and New Delhi is committed to ensuring stability, reconstruction and economic development in Afghanistan.

Expressing his satisfaction with implementation of small development projects in previous year, Mr. Vohra added that the majority of projects in the solar year of 1396 were completed and got available to Afghan people.

In the program, Minister of Economic, Dr. Mustafa Mastour, said that the projects were implemented in remote areas of Afghanistan in order to develop economy, reduce poverty and create employment opportunities for disadvantaged people.

The Minister of Economic reiterated that implementation of small development projects would create work opportunities in the community and added that 115 projects, in coordination with the Ministry of Economic, were completed during the previous year, which are equal to all projects of the past few years.

Then, Dr. Abdullah said that these projects are considered to meet the priorities and needs of the people and have a direct impact on their daily lives.

The Chief Executive of the country stressed that in the past, due to delay and slowness in projects’ work, their budgets were returned. But after this, efforts would be made not to delay work of the projects and to make use of these opportunities in a more coordinated and timely manner to accelerate administrative process of the projects.

The Chief Executive said that even the least delay in work of small development projects is unacceptable because the Afghan people are urgently in need of these projects.

Dr. Abdullah thanked India for its aid and said that India's support from development projects represents consolidation and expansion of relations between the two countries, and indicates true friendship of the two nations.

The Chief Executive compared the plans of India with those of some other countries in the region and said that bombing, suicide attacks and destabilizing Afghanistan would not yield anything just hurting the Afghan people’s feeling.

Dr. Abdullah added that the United States, the European Union, Japan and India are major donors to Afghanistan, but our expectations are not the same for all countries. "We expect every country to refrain from any policy and move that causes Afghanistan to destabilize," the Chief Executive said.

Dr. Abdullah said, “Afghanistan has extended its friendship hand to all, so this opportunity and position should not be sacrificed for illusions. Countries who claim have friendship with Afghanistan must prove their claim in practice.”

At the end, the Chief Executive expressed appreciation for the continuation of Indian aid, saying that New Delhi always wants stability, development and a system based on the will of the people in Afghanistan.

The contracts were signed between the Indian Embassy and Ministries of Energy and Water, Agriculture, Rural Rehabilitation, Higher Education, Urban Development and Housing, Education, Public Health, Borders and Tribal Affairs, Public Welfare, Work And Social Affairs, Information And Culture as well as Ministry of Economic.

Also, three other projects were signed with Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG), National Radio and Television and the Cricket Board.

At the signing ceremony, Mohammad Almas Zahid, special representative of the President and a number of members of the National Assembly also attended.