The Chief Executive: The Development Projects Will be Carried out in La’l and Sare Jangal District

The Chief Executive of Afghanistan, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met with a number of ulama, the elders and youth of La’l and Sare Jangal district of Ghor province to address their concerns and demands.

Dr. Abdullah said the role of people of Ghor province, especially the residents of La’l and Sare Jangal district had always been remarkable in improving the regime.

In the meeting, Sayyed Nader Shah Bahr, representative of the people of Ghor in the Parliament called positioning of the Chief Executive reasonable and moderate at the national level, saying that in the current situation, Afghanistan needs sound political decisions.

Mr. Bahr shared demands of the people with the Chief Executive especially in security sector, addition of a district to La’l and Sare Jangal, power station of Hesar region, construction an airport and the youth employment.

Also, Amanullah Akhlaqi, one of the elders of La’l and Sare Jangal district, urged the Chief Executive to pay attention to construction of a dam for power generation as well as an airport, modification of an administrative unit, security, road construction, education, and construction of a mosque in the district center.

After listening to demands of the elders of La’l and Sare Jangal district, the Chief Executive said that residents of this district had supported the regime in democratic and national processes.

Dr. Abdullah promised to help build a dam for power generation, build an airport and a bridge at the center of La’l, construct a mosque, address education and other mentioned issues.

About security concerns of the people of La’l district, the Chief Executive said he would direct the Interior Ministry to take further measures to ensure security in the district.