The Chief Executive’s Message for the New Year

We say happy new year to all the people of Afghanistan and hope that the new year will be the year of peace, security and prosperity for all people of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan in 1396, despite the vast challenges, had achievements in various fields.

In previous year, terrorists attempted to get control of parts of the country from security forces, but failed to achieve this as a result of devotion and strong will of the brave Afghan security forces. On the contrary, attacks by the Afghan security forces and international partners were intensified on terrorist groups, and the enemy suffered a lot of casualties throughout Afghanistan.

In the previous year, the international community once again renewed their commitment and stressed on support of the Afghan people in various fields, especially in the fight against terrorism and elimination of terrorist sanctuaries in the region, and putting pressure on supporters of terrorism in the region. The international community, after the years, responded to the rightful call of the Afghan people and put pressure on the countries who use terrorism as a political tool in their foreign policy. The National Unity Government also made advancement in the field of international relations.

Unfortunately, there were some incidents within the country that damaged the collective spirit of the society and mourned all the people.

We will try this year to make our efforts to deliver our noble people better services than the previous year. Afghans are wishing peace and security. We hope that with efforts of our security and defense forces as well as political and social integration, we will embrace security and stability in our country. We also call on armed opposition groups to join to peace process and stop war for realization of intelligence goals of the region.

In the new year, we are committed to holding parliamentary elections and taking the necessary measures to hold the presidential election as well. The continuation of political process and democracy in the country is our most important responsibility.


The people of Afghanistan, with unity and solidarity, can successfully overcome the challenges and ups and downs and pave the way for freedom and prosperity of their homeland. There is no doubt that some groups are trying to raise tribal divisions among people to reach their malicious and ill-intentioned goals, but the people needs, as in the past, with vigilance and cleverness, frustrate these dictated plans of the enemies.

In the current situation, people’s support from the armed forces who are defending the unified and integrated geopolitical of Afghanistan is a public responsibility and mission.

Once again, we say happy new year to all of you, and wish the new year to be an end to war, violence and killing innocent people.

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah

Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan