The Chief Executive’s Press Release in Relation to Solving the Problem of Balkh Province

After a series of challenges, the problem of Balkh province was solved and the new governor was officially introduced. Achieving the recent agreement and solving the problem in Balkh through negotiation removed our people's concerns and worries.

Balkh province, under the leadership and management of Ata Mohammad Noor, witnessed wide-ranging changes in security, reconstruction and development in the past fifteen years, which are due to Mr. Noor's tireless efforts.

Hereby, we appreciate Mr. Noor's efforts to ensure security, development and changing the face of Balkh province, and wish Mr. Noor success in his future activities.

We wish success and prosperity for the new governor of Balkh, Mr. Ishaq Rahgozar, a well-known and influential figure whom I knew for a long time, and ask the honorable people of Balkh to cooperate with the new governor and new provincial leadership to ensure peace and stability.

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah

Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Mar 23, 2018