The Chief Executive’s Message for Beginning of the New Educational Year

We congratulate Nowroz of 1397 and the New Educational Year for all students and wish them success and prosperity in all areas of life in the New Year.

We begin the New Educational Year in a situation where, unfortunately, in some parts of our country, due to activities of terrorist groups, and in some areas due to families and parents’ negligence to education, many children and adolescents are deprived of learning and going to school.

At the beginning of the New Educational Year, we urge all parents and families to send their children to schools for education and learning in order to shape their future and serve their people and country.

We know that Afghanistan's development, prosperity and progress are directly related to the education of the children. Without education, it is impossible to imagine a safe, effective and developed community like other nations.

The National Unity Government is well aware of the importance of education, and for this, it provids all the facilities necessary for children so that no one deprived of education.

The government remains committed to providing the necessary educational facilities to children who have returned to the country from neighboring countries, especially from Pakistan.

We hope that as a result of public endeavors, especially families, teachers and government officials, there will be grounds for education so that no children in Afghanistan will be left without education.


Dr. Abdullah Abdullah

Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan