The Chief Executive: Development Projects in Zabul are Implemented

The Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, in a meeting with the head and members of Zabul Provincial Council, discussed problems of the province.

During the meeting, Ata Mohammad Haqbayan, head of Zabul Provincial Council reported on development projects, security, higher education and people’s demands to the Chief Executive.

Mr. Haqbayan thanked the Chief Executive for helping establish Zabol University and said residents of the province are happy with establishment of this university.

Members of Zabul Provincial Council urged the Chief Executive to pay attention to airport project, confirming the land and activating customs of the province.

They also raised the issue of highway security, expansion of Citizenship Covenant and supplying needs of the security forces.

Then, Dr. Abdullah assured them that their demands would be considered.

The Chief Executive said he would direct the government agencies to pursue and implement development projects and address security issues.