The Chief Executive on International Mine Awareness Day: People Will Stand along with the Security Forces

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the National Unity Government, at the ceremony of “International Mine Awareness Day” in Kabul, said that elimination of mine threat is a top priority for the government agencies.

The Chief Executive expressed hope that the mine threat would be eliminated in Afghanistan by 2023.

The Chief Executive said that, unfortunately, Afghanistan had passed continuous war and conflict due to which plenty of landmines exist in the country. Still some areas are faced with mine dangers which have been defused by hero mine action team and with cooperation of friendly countries and international organizations.

Dr. Abdullah praised the international community's cooperation and tireless efforts of the country's mine action team, saying that they did not hesitate any efforts because of their commitment to humanity and saving people’s lives.

Calling mine as the enemy of humanity, the Chief Executive said, “Those who are fighting against mine and removing its dangers from the society, in fact, are confronting the enemy of humanity, and we are all grateful of them.” Dr. Abdullah added that the Mine Action Plan was prioritized by the government and called for a serious cooperation between government bodies in areas of awareness raising and coordination with mine action agencies and urged them to take joint action in this regard.

Dr. Abdullah stated that security forces carried out air operations at the Taliban gathering in Kunduz, which resulted in deaths and injuries of a number of children. Dr. Abdullah, while conveying condolences to family members of these children, addressed the security forces and said, “People and the government will stand with you”.

Announcing cleaning up 77% of landmines, Najib Aqa Fahim, State Minister for Natural Disasters said that landmines are of great importance to the community; as they provide the ground for launching infrastructure projects and play an important role in returning refugees and preventing deaths and injuries of the citizens.

The State Minister for Natural Disasters spoke about achievements of the government in this regard, emphasizing that existence of mines in different parts of the country threatens lives of the citizens, so serious and immediate action needs to be taken.

Deputy Department for International Development of British Embassy in Kabul, while appreciating the government's efforts to combat dangers of mine, pledged that his country would contribute $ 28 million in this section to the Afghan government over the next two years.