Celebrating Nowruz Means Protecting a Great Culture and Civilization

The Chief Executive of the government, in a special program for Nowruz celebration at the Foreign Ministry’s Story Palace, said that Nowruz is an example of a great culture and civilization.

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, speaking at this program, said celebration of New Solar Year is a symbol of convergence and interdependence among the people of Nowruz regions.

The Chief Executive said that New Year means a new beginning and a new commitment, and added, “We are committed to providing our people with their aspirations and interests and to provide them with better living conditions.”

Dr. Abdullah said the year ahead would not be free of problems and challenges, but the government leadership would further focus on improving the situation as well as providing peace and security.

The Chief Executive appreciated the international partners and donor countries’ efforts for reconstruction and stability in Afghanistan and called their role constructive in solving current challenges of the country.

Also, Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani said, “Nowruz is an important and historic day whose significance and status goes beyond the region.” He added that due to regional meetings, Nowruz celebration was held with a delay.

Mr. Rabbani expressed his satisfaction with celebration of Nowruz, saying, "We hope New Year will bring the message of peace and happiness for the people of Afghanistan and millions of people in the area of Nowruz and the region."

The special program of Nowruz was held at the Foreign Ministry’s Story Palace with the presence of some ministers of the cabinet, ambassadors and representatives from foreign countries and international organizations.

At the end, the guests visited the artworks of Mohammad Fazel, one of the painters of the country who portrayed the natural landscapes, local games and traditions of Nowruz in his paintings.