The Chief Executive Discussed with Pakistan’s Prime Minister on Bilateral Cooperation

The Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met with Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Shahed Khaqan Abbasi in his office at the Sepidar Palace.

At the meeting, the two sides discussed on security and peace in Afghanistan, a joint and honest fight against terrorism, challenges of the Afghan refugees in Pakistan, Pakistani troop racket launcher along the Durand line, and the economic and trade cooperation between Kabul and Islamabad.

Welcoming Pakistan’s Prime Minister and his delegation, the Chief Executive said such meetings, which aimed at solving the problems between the two countries and providing the ground for bilateral cooperation, are effective and fruitful.

Dr. Abdullah said terrorism is not only considered a security issue but also a challenge in terms of economic-commercial opportunities, so it is required to fight against it.

The Chief Executive said reduction of violence and war in Afghanistan could create an atmosphere of trust between the two countries and help develop bilateral relations.

Dr. Abdullah offered the proposal of a joint fatwa by the Afghan and Pakistani scholars against terrorism and war.

The Chief Executive said that artillery attacks across the Durand Line would further undermine the relations between the two countries and it is important for Pakistan to take steps to stop the attacks.

Referring to the problems Afghan businessmen are facing in Pakistan, the Chief Executive said it is necessary to remove the challenges and problems ahead of economic cooperation so that trade-transit relations would be increased more than before.

Dr. Abdullah praised the extension of the Afghan refugees' presence in Pakistan, emphasizing that returning refugees should be voluntary, gradual and with dignity.

Then, Pakistan's Prime Minister, Shahed Khaqan Abbasi said his main goal of coming to Kabul is peace and stability in Afghanistan, and that his country is ready to assist Afghans to lead and own peace talks.

The Pakistani PM said, “We believe that regional and economic cooperation plays an important role in ensuring security, and that's why my country is making effort to ensure peace and security in Afghanistan.”

About violations along the Durand Line, the Pakistani PM said that such attacks do not exist in their politics and that they are taking action to prevent it.

Shahed Khaqan Abbasi added that to improve trade relations between the two countries, his country would not receive any adjustments from Afghan businessmen. He expressed hope that Pakistani businessmen would be provided with the necessary facilities in Afghanistan.

The Pakistani PM also said that satisfaction of refugees is important in returning them to their homeland, and their dignified return is our priority.

Pakistan's PM invited the Chief Executive to visit Pakistan. He evaluated such meetings beneficial in improving the relations between the two countries.

Kabul process, counter-narcotics and climate change in the region were the issues discussed at the meeting in which Deputies to the Chief executive attended.