The Chief Executive visited Islamic Arts Institute of Firoozkoh

The Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah visited Islamic Arts Institute of Firoozkoh at Moradkhani, Kanul.

The Firoozkoh Islamic Arts Institute was founded in 2006, funded by Princess Charles of Britain and is currently operating in one of the old buildings of Moradkhani rebuilt by the institute with its historical identity.

Dr. Abdullah visited the entire sections of the institute including section of old jewelry making, ceramics industry, wood carving and lattice as well as calligraphy.

The main goal of the institute’s activities is preservation and enhancement of cultural heritage in the aforementioned sections in traditional and historical style.

One of the precious works of the institute is the Holy Quran handwritten on silk paper, which has been worked on for over two years by professors and students of calligraphy section. In addition, new beautiful things in carpentry, jewelry making, ceramics and calligraphy are made in the traditional style and sold on domestic and foreign markets.

Mr. Beton, head of Islamic Arts Institute offered information about activities of the institute to the Chief Executive.

According to the officials and professors of the institute, 140 shops and houses in Moradkhani were rebuilt in an old and historical form.

They said 570 students were trained for traditional and historical style in aforementioned sections; most of them are busy in the labor market.

At the end, Dr. Abdullah praised cultural activities of the Institute for preserving and reviving the Afghan cultural heritage.