The Chief Executive: Preserving and Publishing Works of the Great Afghan Figures is a Public Responsibility

The Chief Executive, at the ceremony for unveiling Professor Abdul Rahman Pajhwak’s book under the title: “Legends of the People”, said publication of works of the national figures would be serving today and tomorrow’s generation.

At the ceremony which was held at the National TV Hall, Dr. Abdullah added that Professor Pajhwak was a national figure, an international diplomat, scholar, writer, poet and a contemporary literary figure.

The Chief Executive thanked Pajhwak Foundation for publication of this book and said introducing works of the political and literary figures of the country is not only considered serving a person, but is serving Afghan generations of today and tomorrow so that they would learn about their history and culture.

The Chief Executive urged Pajhwak Foundation to publish all works of Professor Pajhwak to be available to the Afghan people.

Dr. Abdullah added that he was acquainted with the name of Professor Pajhwak from the time of school, and at that time he was discussing poems of the deceased professor with his classmates and reviewing its impact on the country's politics.

About the importance of the works of Professor Pajhwak, the Chief Executive noted that the deceased professor well reflected human dignity and patriotic in his articles, stories, sermons, poems and prose.

Dr. Abdullah said Professor Pajhwak has left valuable works in the field of politics, diplomacy, poetry and literature that are informative for the younger generation of Afghanistan.

The Chief Executive reminded of the role and position of Professor Pajhwak in the field of Afghan politics and diplomacy, especially during his activities in the United Nations, and said that his colleagues and acquaintances refer to him as a great figure.

At the end, Dr. Abdullah stressed on preserving and publishing works of Professor Pajhwak and other great figures, adding that introduction of their works to the next generation is a public responsibility.

The book “Legends of the People” written by Professor Abdul Rahman Pajhwok was unveiled by Pajhwak Foundation and Industrial Development Institute at the National TV Hall, at a special ceremony attended by political, cultural and literary figures of the country.