The Chief Executive: Returnees and Displaced Should be Distributed Land in their Provinces

At the meeting of the Executive Committee for Returnees and Displaced, referring to the approved plan of land distribution at the Cabinet, the Chief Executive said, “Given social and security situation in provinces, it would be better to first distribute land to returnees, displaced and families of security forces’ martyrs.

Appreciating the efforts made by the Executive Committee for Returnees and Displaced, Dr. Abdullah said that land should be distributed to those who possess Afghan ID national card (Tazkira).

The Chief Executive noted that the government suffered from having an action plan for addressing the displaced in the past but fortunately, an important step has been taken for meeting needs of the displaced by developing National Framework for Returnees and Displaced.

Stating that the government has not been indifferent to the refugees’ status, Dr. Abdullah reiterated that he had fully talked with Pakistan and Turkey’s Prime Ministers about the Afghan refugees’ needs and demands.

The Chief Executive stressed that he would not hesitate of any efforts for addressing demands and needs of returnees and displaced people.

At the meeting, the one-year plan for returning 700 thousand Afghan refugees from Pakistan and 400 thousand refugees from Iran during 2018 was discussed and decided that this plan should be developed for four years and it is about to finalize the comprehensive plan of returnees by the next 15 days.