Afghanistan Launches Voter Registration for Parliamentary Elections

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan participated in voter registration process held at Naderia High School.

According to the Independent Election Commission (IEC), voter registration process was started in order to make a list of eligible voters, and will be implemented in three stages throughout Afghanistan.

Dr. Abdullah said that registration of voters was one of our commitments for the electoral reform.

The Chief Executive emphasized that to participate in parliamentary, presidential, provincial council and district council elections, voters should be registered; otherwise, they would be able to vote.

Dr. Abdullah asked the people to register at a polling center which you can vote at it. That is, a person cannot register at a voter registration center and vote at another one.

The Chief Executive added that registration of voters and, as a result, making a list of eligible voters would prevent fraud in the election.

In response to a question, Dr. Abdullah said the government is committed to holding elections, and the parliamentary election would be held at 28 of Mizan (October 20, 2018).

The Chief Executive stated that insecurity in some areas is a challenge to the election process, but the security forces are determined to ensure security of polling centers in cooperation with the people.

Dr. Abdullah noted that holding election is the only option to determine the fate of the citizens, and the government is pledged not to interfere in the election.

Then, Ma’azallah Dawlati, a member of the Election Commission considered registration of the Chief Executive and leadership of the government as an indication of the government and the Commission’s resolution for holding the election.

Mr. Dawlati added that registration of voters will take place for the first time in Afghanistan to prevent fraud and imaginary voting.

He said the list of eligible voters will be shared with the Afghan people after the voter registration process had been completed.

Mr. Dawlati emphasized that people are the main owner of the election process and that they should attend voter registration centers. He urged the Election Commission staff to carry out their duties impartially and professionally.