The Chief Executive: Demands of the Union of Pharmacists will be addressed Soon

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the National Unity Government, in a meeting with members of Union of Pharmacists said that their demands would be met soon.

Members of the Union of Pharmacists said that their work would be more standardized every day, and a safe competition would take place among pharmaceutical companies in the country.

They spoke about challenges of their work and said, “Compulsory insurance has challenged their activities.”

According to decision of the Council of Ministers of former government, commercial areas are required to pay compulsory insurance. But they say there is no service delivery for payment of insurance.

Members of the Union of Pharmacists talked about production of 10 quality drugs in the country and expressed that priority should be given to domestic products.

They added that based on the decision of the former government, a land was considered for drug production factories in Kabul, but its legal procedure has not been completed so far. Members of the Union of Pharmacists also emphasized on considering views of pharmacists in adjustment of drug law, pointing to the case of a pharmacist at the Supreme Court, who they believe was arrested in a plot.

Then, the Chief Executive said he would discuss proposals and demands of members of the Union of Pharmacists in the Council of Ministers.

Dr. Abdullah added that some demands of the Union of Pharmacists would be addressed soon.

Also, the Chief Executive spoke about the case of one of the pharmacists in a telephone conversation with the chief judge and head of the Supreme Court.