The Chief Executive, in the Extraordinary Meeting of the Council of Ministers: If Voter Registration Fails, the Political Process will be Challenged

The extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers was held at the Sepidar Palace.

Dr. Abdullah, in his preliminary remarks, expressed hope that the process of voter registration which began a week earlier would be successful.

Referring to the meeting of government leadership with members of the Independent Election Commission and in a video talk with provincial officials, the Chief Executive said that awareness raising and public outreach have not been taken place on voter registration.

Dr. Abdullah expressed satisfaction with preparation and cooperation of security agencies in the election process, saying that the security agencies would provide all possible facilitation with voter registration and success of this process.

The Chief Executive said, “Voter registration was the most important chapter in the electoral reform, with a great demand from domestic, international, people and political parties; but when we talk to people, they think previous election cards are still valid.”

Dr. Abdullah stressed that people could vote in parliamentary elections, district councils, provincial councils and presidential elections only if they registered in voter registration centers.

The Chief Executive added that registering and compiling a voter list was intended to prevent widespread fraud and to conduct a transparent election.

The Chief Executive asked all Afghan agencies to provide the necessary facilitation with people to participate in voter registration process.

Dr. Abdullah noted that success of the election is due to success of the voter registration process. If this process fails, the political situation will be challenged.

Stating that in recent days, some changes in voter registration process have been seen, the Chief Executive added that registration process is a national issue and that cooperation of people and government is essential for its success.

The Chief Executive directed the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology to contribute to public awareness, in cooperation with the Election Commission.

Members of the Council of Ministers discussed and exchanged views on the process of voter registration and the challenges ahead.

Then, according to the agenda, Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock reported on assistance to vulnerable and drought-affected provinces.

The Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock said he would talk with governors of vulnerable provinces and also committee for disaster management on transfer of forage and basic needs. He stated that the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock is ready to transfer grass and forage to a number of provinces.