The Chief Executive: Effectiveness of Combating Violence against Women should be Felt

The meeting of the High Commission for Combating Violence against Women was held at the Sepidar Palace to review the achievements, challenges and proposed plans for combating this phenomenon.

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the Chief Executive said that efforts to reduce violence against women and to ensure their rights should be evaluated as to how much they have been effective in preventing and reducing violence.

The Commission's work plan for combating violence against women was presented at the meeting.

The Chief Executive confirmed the proposed plan in whole and emphasized on attention to details in order to avoid previous mistakes.

The Ministry of Justice said according to prediction of policies, it is expected that women's presence in the government departments would rise to 23 percent by the next five years.

The Ministry of Women's Affairs also reported on the level of violence, human rights status and laws and procedures of the relevant institutions to combat violence against women. The report also addressed the cases of violence against women.

The members of the meeting suggested that in order to deal with women's cases, focus should be put on their capacity building in the judiciary system.

Dr. Abdullah directed the Ministry of Women's Affairs and Secretariat of the Commission to pay attention to effectiveness of work, in parallel with implementation of the plans, in order to resolve the shortcomings on time.

The Chief Executive emphasized on the constructive role of Ulema in preventing violence against women.