The Chief Executive: The Government is Strongly Determined to Resolve Craftsmen’s Challenges and to Support Them

The Chief Executive of Afghanistan, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah today met with members of the National Union of Craftsmen.

At the meeting, the leadership board of the National Union of Craftsmen shared their challenges with the Chief Executive. They said that lack of specific markets, not equal implementation of law, development of new taxes, failure to take their views into the initial layout of new laws, problems in the field of exports and lack of the required security in this regard are among serious problems of the craftsmen. They asked the Chief Executive to pay attention to these areas and resolve their problems.

Dr. Abdullah, appreciating activities of the craftsmen, said: "The government is strongly determined to create facilitation and provide craftsmen with a suitable platform and will not miss any opportunities."

The Chief Executive added that craftsmen are an important part of the society and their efforts would create many opportunities for citizens. Therefore, their challenges should be addressed jointly.