The Chief Executive: The Businessmen Are More Interested in Investing Within the Country

The Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, in a meeting with members of Green Industrial Park, reviewed their problems.

The Chief Executive said: "The interest of businessmen has increased for further investing in the country and the government is taking steps to provide investors with facilitation." For this purpose, officials from Afghanistan Land Authorities, Breshna Company (Afghanistan’s Electricity Company) and security officials were invited to this session to listen to the problems and barriers ahead of the craftsmen, and to seek ways to resolve them.

Dr. Abdullah noted that growth of investment in the country would create job opportunities and lead to economic development. The government agencies would seriously cooperate with industrial workers in this regard.

The officials and members of the Green Industrial Park thanked the Chief Executive for his close cooperation and follow-up the issues, saying: “There are two major problems in the security sector; public security and land grabbing which need to be resolved.” The security officials pledged to ensure security of industrial parks.

They added there are still some problems in providing electricity to industrial parks, which Breshna's officials promised to resolve it.

The lack of necessary land for establishment of industrial parks was mentioned as another problem. The head of Afghanistan Land Authorities explained that the land had been dedicated by this Authority, but the process of distribution and transfer would be done soon. The Ministry of Commerce said that this problem would be resolved soon.

At the end, the Chief Executive directed the relevant institutions to work together to resolve shortcomings in this regard to provide the ground for more investment.