The Chief Executive, in a Telephone Conversation with Farah Governor: Put security and anti-drought at your priority

The Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, in a telephone conversation with Abdul Basir Salangi, the governor of Farah as well as and military council of the province, discussed the situation in the province.

First, Dr. Abdullah investigated recent developments in the province, especially security issues, drought and highway status, requirements of the affected and problems of Farah people.

Abdul Basir Salangi, governor of Farah reported on security measures, enemy movements in some areas, requirements of security forces as well as challenges ahead of them.

Mr. Salangi also provided detailed information on local government plans for raising revenue, anti-corruption and drugs, providing better public services, helping the affected people, and developing education.

After listening to views of the governor and authorities of Farah, Dr. Abdullah directed them to focus on improving the security situation and suppressing the enemy.

The Chief Executive emphasized on urgent implementation of the government's plans to confront drought, prevent livestock losses, animal food distribution, strengthen agriculture and work closely with people.

Dr. Abdullah tasked the authorities in Farah province to take serious measures to provide better services, address problems of the affected people, provide emergency assistance to those affected by droughts, fight corruption and drug trafficking.