The Chief Executive: Sustainable Development Goals should be followed Regularly

The Meeting of Executive Committee on Sustainable Development Goals was held under the chairmanship of the Chief Executive in order to evaluate progress of the programs in order to achieve the specified indicators.

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the Chief Executive said the relevant government agencies are required to pursue sustainable development programs on a regular basis.

Mr. Mustafa Mastoor, the Economy Minister reported on the results of his visit to New York and attending the UN Economic and Social Council, saying that the meeting focused on attracting private investment and importance of using technology in finance and bank loans to achieve sustainable development.

Mr. Mastoor added that at the general meetings as well as bilateral ones with officials of international organizations and countries, development of Afghanistan, greater and more effective involvement of UN agencies and role of the private sector in sustainable development were emphasized on.

Jocelyn Mason, Country director of UNDP in Afghanistan, thanked the Chief Executive for finalizing the indicators at the meeting of the Council of Ministers and assured of the UN continued support and assistance to Afghanistan.

Mr. Mason expressed satisfaction with the government's plans for implementation of sustainable development goals, saying that, based on other countries’ experience, the necessary coordination among the relevant institutions would be necessary to achieve the desired goals.

Uliya Shcherbinina, governance expert from UNDP presented a comprehensive plan on success of other countries, a quick assessment of national programs and policies, identification of gaps and adaptation of national plans for sustainable development goals.

The Ministry of Public Health reported that the Ministry pursues two goals and 19 indicators in the framework of sustainable development goals. It adapts to schedule and timelines.

The Ministry of Energy and Water reported that based on sustainable development framework for development of energy and water infrastructures, effective management of energy and water resources and replacement of low-energy lights, the amount of $ 615 million would be needed.

The Chief Executive directed all government agencies to follow regularly the outcomes of the meetings of the Executive Committee on Sustainable Development.

At the meeting, it was agreed that the members of the Executive Committee, to meet the goals and indicators of sustainable development, would go ahead according to the timetable and in coordination with the United Nations Office.