Statement of the Chief Executive in Relation to Death of Former European Parliament Chief Nicole Fontaine

With deep sadness, we informed that French former European Parliament chief Nicole Fontaine passed away at the age of 76.

The death of this wise and prominent European politician made us a lot of grief and sorrow.

Nearly two decades ago, on the invitation of Ms. Fontaine, we went to France and at the headquarters of European Parliament with a delegation headed by Martyr Ahmad Shah Massoud, the national hero.

Ms. Fontaine welcomed the Afghan delegation, especially, the national hero of the country, and expressed her deep support as well as EU's support for the Afghan People’s Jihad and Resistance against aggression of terrorism.

The national hero’s trip to Europe was a milestone in the history of our true fight against terrorism, as well as relations between European Union and the people of Afghanistan.

After the national hero's murder, Ms. Fontaine expressed her reaction as follows: "Massoud's death caused me deep concern about future of Afghanistan. Massoud was a liberation hope of the Afghan people against madness of devastation power in Kabul.”

We pray to Ms. Fontaine's spirit and wish her survivors patience.


Dr. Abdullah Abdullah

Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan