Condolence Message by the Chief Executive in Relation to Death of Mūʺmin Qanoat, Tajik Poet

With great sorrow and sadness, we informed that Mūʺmin Qanoat, a well-known poet, writer and journalist from Tajikistan passed away.

Mr. Qanoat was a great poet and writer of Persian language and literature, leaving valuable and precious works of his own.

The collection of stories including Massoud Nama, Gahware Sina, Setare Ismat are among the most famous works of late Qanoat, which permanently lasts his name and memory in the area of Persian language.

The people of Afghanistan are familiar with Qanoat’s works especially Massoud Nama, and that’s why they are full of sorrow and grief.

On behalf of the Afghan government and people, we convey our deep condolence to the people and culturists of Tajikistan, especially the family of the deceased poet, and we pray for him.


Dr. Abdullah Abdullah

Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan