The Chief Executive: Women's Participation in the Election should be provided


The Chief Executive of the National Unity government, at the Conference of Women's Participation in Parliamentary and District Council Elections, said the Independent Election Commission (IEC) should learn from the bitter experience of the past election.

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, speaking at the conference, emphasized that the Independent Election Commission (IEC) should leave heritage, which would strengthen democracy in the country.

The Chief Executive added: “The previous IEC did not leave a good legacy based on which to move towards the future and its result was disappointment and people's lack of trust in the election.”

Dr. Abdullah added that we learned a lot from previous elections, but still some are proud of it. For this, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) is under heavy responsibility.

The Chief Executive said the Afghan people, despite all challenges and threats, welcomed and registered for the election. We hope that the elections will be held in such a way that they are entitled.

Dr. Abdullah emphasized: "If everyone decides to commit fraud, the Commission can do nothing, but if we all try to hold a successful election, we will win."

The Chief Executive added that the current conflict is between two groups. One group believes in the election and votes of the people, and the other group is the enemy of the election. Hence, election problems give an opportunity to the enemies.

Dr. Abdullah said success of the election is, in fact, disarming the enemies of the Afghan people and failing all their efforts.

The Chief Executive referred to the position of district councils and said that district councils would complete a pillar of the regime and ensure the basis of the legitimacy of the regime. Some factors decreased the amount of people’s interest, but it was a mistake that was later corrected.

Dr. Abdullah emphasized on the Independent Election Commission's independence principle, saying that the government would not interfere in any way with the Commission, but it expects IEC to strengthen the spirit of democracy among the people by holding transparent and fair elections.

The Chief Executive urged the Independent Election Commission (IEC) to make it easier for women to participate in the election.