The Chief Executive, at the Meeting of Joint Coordination and Monitoring Board: the Independent Election Commission should set the Timetable for the Presidential Election


At 21st meeting of Joint Coordination and Monitoring Board, the Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah called on the Independent Election Commission to determine the timetable of the presidential election.

Dr. Abdullah said that setting the timetable of presidential election would put an end to speculations about lack of political will of the government and would take the government to be accountable for its responsibilities in this regard.

The Chief Executive emphasized on transparency of the election, adding that importance of electoral process is felt when it comes to respecting people's right to vote in order to take a step forward. People expect the government and the Independent Election Commission to provide facilities with voters without interference.

Dr. Abdullah, in another part of his speech, spoke about the government's achievements, saying that fighting corruption, improving governance, rule of law, women's empowerment, economic growth and stability of financial system and development of the private sector have been top priorities of the National Unity Government.

The Chief Executive added that corruption has not only questioned the credibility of the government but limited the ability of the government to achieve self-reliance and development. Corruption is one of the important factors of insecurity and instability in the country.

The Chief Executive emphasized, “We are determined to fight corruption, but we know that this requires serious and comprehensive efforts. In this regard, we developed a national anti-corruption strategy so that everyone can take part in its implementation.”

Dr. Abdullah, while appreciating aids of the international community, said, “We need more than any other time to make effective use of the international community's assistance, because these donations would not be available forever.”

The Chief Executive said that the private sector's executive committee is working on the private sector development mechanism, the national export strategy, and finalization of the national priority program of the private sector, and he himself manages its meetings.

The Chief Executive said the Geneva Conference is a good opportunity to strengthen regional cooperation. Holding this meeting would enhance effectiveness of cooperation between the Afghan government and the international community.

Dr. Abdullah added that economic development and social welfare would not be possible without active participation of women. Despite efforts of the government, women are still faced a lot of problems.

The 21st Joint Coordination and Monitoring Board (JCMB) Meeting Toward the Geneva Conference on Afghanistan 2018 was held at Presidential Palace, where Cabinet Members, Ambassador and Heads of international organizations, civil society activists and the media were present. The purpose of the meeting was to get prepared for Geneva conference.