The Meeting of High Economic Council was Held

Bidding process of gold mine of Badakhshan, Balkhab copper mine, contract of Herat copper mine as well as gross domestic products were discussed at the meeting of High Economic Council which was held on Monday at Presidential Palace.

The Ministry of Mine and Petroleum, about bidding process of gold mine of Badakhshan and copper mine of Balkhab, said Afghan Gold Minerals Company has won the contract for extracting mines of gold and copper, but the content of the contract has not yet been signed.

After discussion, it was decided to form a committee to review the contract in a comprehensive manner, and report on the results in the next meeting, so that the government's leadership would decide on that.

According to the agenda, Ministry of Mines and Petroleum reported on the contract of Herat copper mine, and said negotiations are ongoing with the volunteer company on royalty, practical measures, financial guarantees and security plans.

After exchanging views and opinions of the members of the meeting, it was emphasized that royalty regime was not logical, and in the new law, this problem was solved, and now there is no problem.

It was decided that the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum had to reach a favorable outcome with the volunteer company, but the issue of executive guarantee was approved.

President Ghani, about security of the project, said the government is responsible for ensuring security of the project and for this, it reopens Public Protection Authority.

The Central Statistics Office reported on the results of gross domestic products in solar year of 1396. According to the report, gross domestic products in 1396 reached $ 20.2 billion, which had been rising since the previous year.

In the end, it was decided that all government agencies would cooperate with the Central Statistics Office to collect accurate statistics and figures and the private sector would come to an agreement with the Central Statistics Organization on a single system of import and export figures to be reliable.