Seriously and Quickly Address the Affected People and Rebuild the Area

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, after visiting village of Pishghor in Panjshir province and assessment of damages caused by the flood, chaired a meeting held at Panjshir provincial headquarters with attendance of the ministries officials and the provincial officials.

At the meeting, Mr. Kamaluddin Nezami, governor of Panjshir province presented a detailed report on the situation and demands of the people. Then, officials from ministries and government agencies presented their work and activities, as well as their upcoming plans to address the affected and to rebuild the region.

Following assessment of the situation as well as contributions have been made so far, the following decisions were made: The ministries and government agencies will continue to carry out the duties assigned to them by the government.

1. A delegation under the leadership of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock would come to Panjshir and with the help of Provincial Government to evaluate the technical reasons of the incident and make recommendations and orders for further actions.

2. Extraordinarily, the amount of 50,000 AFG would be given to severely damaged people and 30,000 AFG to those who have been partially damaged.

3. Working teams from the center and various institutions who are busy cleaning the region would continue their work until it is needed.

4. The ministries’ related affairs should be proposed by the provincial government in short, medium and long term, based on the needs of the people in the central government, in order to take urgent action.

5. The affected people and those who lost their homes will be resettled or their homes will be rebuilt.

6. Food Stuff for the injured would be provided.

7. Mobile medical teams would continue their activities and treat people.

8. Shops would be constructed in consultation with the Ministry of Urban Development.

9. Alarm systems should be installed to prevent casualties in the necessary areas.

10. The Ministry of Hajj and Endowments would build and repair the damaged or ruined mosques after consultation with the people.

The Chief Executive directed the authorities to vigorously pursue the work of handling the injured and rebuilding Pishghor.