The Meeting of High Economic Council was held

The meeting of High Economic Council focused on the commercial plan for petroleum products, power supply to Moheb Tower as well as to AIB Bank’s main office, expansion of paved roads, progress of TAB project, proposal to reduce the price of Internet and other issues.

First, Afghanistan’s Petroleum Authority reported on the oil market, and suggested that the National Oil and Gas Company should be turned into a public corporation to advance the oil trade.

The High Economic Council decided that the Petroleum Authority would become a national corporation of oil and gas within a given period, but before that, the location of oil reserves and strategic reserves would be reviewed.

Also, the Ministry of Finance and the private sector were tasked to reach an agreement on port services and finance, and offer the plan for approval at the next meeting.

Breshna Company (Afghanistan’s electricity company) presented a plan to provide power supply to the commercial-residential Moheb Tower Project and AIB Bank main office. According to the plan, the electricity which has been considered for this end is 15 MW to be charged by the customer.

The members of the High Economic Council, in addition to approval of the plan, decided that Breshna Company would be responsible for developing a policy to monitor the work.

The plan for paving roads was presented by the private company of “Kabulestun Tadbir”, in which employment, use of domestic resources, low maintenance costs, resistance as well as the environment were discussed.

In the course of the meeting, while supporting road paving project, it was decided that a pilot project would be given to the desired company, in case of success, other companies would be encouraged.

The Ministry of Energy and Water reported on progress of TAB project that Chelik Energy Company has shown interest in investing in that and is waiting for the government's response.

The High Economic Council directed the Ministry of Energy and Water to express its readiness by sending a letter to the desired company. In the end, the plan of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology to reduce the internet prices also approved.