Terrorism is the Enemy of Humanity and a Threat to International Peace and Security

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met with Under-Secretary General, United Nations Counter-Terrorism Office Vladimir Voronkov in his office at the Sepidar Palace.

At the meeting, the Chief Executive welcomed Mr. Voronkov to Afghanistan and thanked the efforts of UN in fighting terrorism and supporting the Afghan government in this struggle. The Chief Executive said: "Terrorism is the enemy of humanity and a threat to international peace and security, and Afghanistan, at the frontline of the war against this phenomenon, is prepared to cooperate with the international community to eradicate and eliminate dangers of terrorism”.

Appreciating the efforts and struggles of the government and people of Afghanistan in fighting terrorism, Mr. Voronkov, assured of the full support of the United Nations to the Afghan government in this regard.

Mr. Voronkov noted the International Conference on Remembrance of Victims of Terrorism in Afghanistan and the active role of civil society in this regard. He also promised that he would be prepared to help Afghans in capacity building for fighting terrorism and tracking their financial sources.

The Chief Executive also welcomed the regional plans and mechanisms for combating terrorism, and emphasized that Afghanistan would have an active presence in these organizations and regional meetings to combat terrorism.