The Chief Executive: New Measures Have Been Taken to Suppress the Taliban

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the National Unity Government, at the meeting of the Economic Committee of the Council of Ministers, said that disconnection of telecommunication services in Ghazni Province was being examined.

Referring to the current security situation in the country, the Chief Executive said that some telecommunication companies have stopped their services in Ghazni. Reasons for disconnecting telecommunication services would be reviewed by the responsible agencies.

Dr. Abdullah noted that new troops under leadership of the Chief of Staff and Senior Deputy Ministry of Interior were dispatched to Ghazni province; therefore, Ghazni would soon be cleansed of terrorists and criminal Taliban.

The Chief Executive called air strike operation by the Afghan forces as well as Resolute Support Forces effective and said as a result of this operation, hundreds of Taliban have been killed and injured.

Dr. Abdullah said there would be serious changes in the security situation with new measures taken by the government's leadership.

Also, the Chief Executive tasked the responsible authorities to send the food stuff to the victims of Ghazni at the earliest time.

The Chief Executive said that in these difficult moments all the people and politicians should work hand in hand and help security forces to eliminate terrorism.

Dr. Abdullah stressed that the political situation affects the society more than the war.