Britain's Commitment to Continued Cooperation with Afghan Armed Forces

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met with Defense Secretary of the UK Gavin Williamson on Thursday at the Sepidar Palace.

The Chief Executive welcomed the Secretary of Defense of the UK and thanked Britain for its comprehensive cooperation with Afghanistan in the fight against terrorism.

Calling Britain one of the most important strategic allies of Afghanistan, the Chief Executive urged for its continued cooperation with Afghanistan and strengthening the Afghan armed forces.

Dr. Abdullah praised the UK decision to increase forces in NATO and the Resolute Support Forces.

Mr. Williamson thanked the Chief Executive and ensured of his country's continued presence and assistance to the people and the armed forces of Afghanistan. He added that he had come to assess closely the situation in Afghanistan and while visiting the British armed forces and the Afghan armed forces, to discuss the main issues with the Afghan officials.

Mr. Williamson said he was pleased with the progress the Afghan armed forces made as well as their capacity building.

He appreciated the efforts made by the Afghan security forces and the victims they offered in the fight against terrorism.

The British Secretary of Defense also added that his country is ready to assist Afghanistan's armed forces in capacity building.

The latest political-military developments in Afghanistan, its regional relations, pressure on Pakistan to stop supporting terrorists, peace talks as well as the impact of major international policies on situation of Afghanistan were discussed at the meeting.