Afghanistan is on the Front Line of Fighting Terrorism and is offering Many Victims in This Way

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met with Mr. Cheng Guoping, State Commissioner for Counter-Terrorism and Security Matters of China, in his office at the Sepidar Palace.

At the meeting, the Chief Executive welcomed Mr. Guoping and his accompanying delegation to Afghanistan, and called China a close friend of Afghanistan.

Thanking the Afghan government for its warm welcome and hospitality, Mr. Guoping offered greetings of the Prime Minister and the leader of China to the Chief Executive. Mr. Guoping called his aim of visit to Kabul to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries in the fight against terrorism and joint cooperation between the Autonomous Province of Xinjiang and Badakhshan Province of Afghanistan in combating terrorism.

Mr. Guoping expressed his satisfaction with military-security cooperation between the two countries, and called his talks with Afghan security officials good.

Referring to commitments and negotiations between the two countries' leadership, Mr. Guoping called Afghanistan as strategic allies of China and reassured of its cooperation with Afghanistan in various fields.

In another part of his speech, Mr. Guoping emphasized, “China is respecting the sovereignty of Afghanistan and democracy in the country as well as its development plan.”

Mr. Guoping spoke of his country's cooperation and its role in building peace led and owned by Afghanistan, and emphasized that China is ready to participate in regional mechanisms for combating terrorism.

Mr. Guoping, on behalf of the Chinese Prime Minister, officially invited the Chief Executive to visit China.

The Chief Executive thanked China for helping Afghanistan in various areas such as economic, trade, military and capacity-building, and called relations between leaders of the two countries as an example of mutual trust and goodwill.

The Chief Executive thanked his official invitation to visit China, and expressed his greetings and respect to the President and the Prime Minister of China and pledged to visit China at the right time.

The Chief Executive considered Mr. Guoping’s visit to Afghanistan a new opportunity for joint cooperation between the two countries and assured of Afghanistan’s commitment to cooperate with the Autonomous Region of Xinjiang and Badakhshan Province of Afghanistan in fighting terrorism.

The Chief Executive also reaffirmed active contribution of Afghanistan to the regional anti-terrorist mechanisms, and expressed hope that China would play an active and positive role in the fight against terrorism and putting pressure on the regional countries.

Mr. Guoping, thanking the Chief Executive, emphasized that his country strongly condemns the terrorists’ attacks against the Afghan people and called for establishment of peace and stability in the country. He also added that Afghanistan was on the front line of fighting terrorism and had been offered many victims in this way, and China would appreciate the role of Afghanistan in this regard.