The Chief Executive: Addressing Problems of IDP is of Government’s Priorities

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, at the conference of findings of “The Cycle of Struggle: A Human Security Perspective on Afghanistan’s IDP Women”, said, “Addressing challenges of IDP especially women is of the government’s priorities.”

Ms. Zarqa Yaftali, chairman of Women and Children Research Institute, thanking the Chief Executive for attending the conference, said, “Attendance of the Chief Executive at the conference reflects the government's commitment to addressing the problems of women.”

Ms. Yaftali added that the purpose of the study was highlighting challenges of IDP women so that the government and relevant institutions could address their challenges.

The Chief Executive, while praising the institutions carried out the study, said such studies would highlight the needs of IDP, especially IDP women, and that the government and the partner institutions would take steps to address their problems.

Emphasizing that addressing IDP challenges is one of the priorities of the government, Dr. Abdullah added in addition to drought and other natural disasters, internal conflict was one of the main causes of displacement of people from their homes.

Thanking the international organizations for helping the IDP, the Chief Executive said that the High Council for Migration, the Executive Committee on Returnees and IDP within the government's framework are working to address the problems of displaced persons, but many problems are still remained.

Dr. Abdullah called for the continued assistance and cooperation of domestic and international institutions to meet the needs of displaced persons.

War and conflict, natural disasters, poverty and drought are among the main causes of displacement of citizens in Afghanistan.