The Chief Executive: Distribution of Land Begins for Returnees, Internally displaced People and Families of Security Forces’ Martyrs

The extraordinary meeting of Displacement and Returnees Executive Committee (DiREC) was held today under the auspices of Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the country.

Dr. Abdullah said distribution of land for displaced people, returnees and families of security forces’ martyrs was one of the important goals that followed in the course of various meetings and will begin shortly.

At the meeting, procedure of the Land Code Detection and Selection Committee, as well as of the State Land Bank prepared by the Independent Land Administration was presented first. Based on these procedures, all state-owned lands are soon identified and added to the state owned land bank. According to DiREC, the ground for distribution of land to returnees and displaced people as well as families of security forces’ martyrs has been provided.

The Chief Executive appreciated the work done by the committee, adding that implementation of land distribution plan requires precise and comprehensive coordination and correct identification of people who need it. Dr. Abdullah directed members of the committee to start land distribution at the earliest time possible.

Then, serious challenges of the displaced and returnees were discussed and the Ministry of Refugees and Returnees as well as international donors presented their reports. According to the report, from January 2018 till September, nearly 1.5 million displaced people and returnees received primary care, including education, health, food, clothing, and so on.

The Chief Executive directed the relevant institutions to take the necessary measures to address the problems of displaced people and returnees during the cold season.

Dr. Abdullah said Saudi Arabia was committed to donate $ 30 million to education and health for displaced people and returnees. The committee is required to prepare the plan for receiving and distributing this donation to the needy people within a few days.