President of French Senate, in the Meeting with the Chief Executive of Afghanistan: France will Continue to Support and Cooperate with Afghanistan

The Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, on the sideline the OECD Eurasia Week in France, met with Gerard Larcher, President of French Senate.

President of the French Senate welcomed the Chief Executive of Afghanistan to the summit and expressed his condolences and of the French Senate on the recent terrorist attack in Kabul the other day and strongly condemned the attack.

Mr. Larcher talked about his country’s continuing support and contribution to Afghanistan, and emphasized that France would remain with the people of Afghanistan and would call for peace and stability in Afghanistan.

Thanking hospitality of the Senate President, the Chief Executive appreciated generous aid of France to Afghanistan.

At the meeting, both sides discussed parliamentary election, preparations for the presidential election, security situation, anti-terrorist struggles, preparations for Geneva Conference on Afghanistan, peace talks and efforts for negotiation with the Taliban, Afghanistan’s regional relations as well as cooperation between Afghanistan and France.