French Foreign Minister, in a Meeting with the Chief Executive: France Stands along with the People of Afghanistan, and Supports Achievements of the Country

The Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met with French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, in Paris, on the sideline the OECD Eurasia Week in France.

At the meeting, French Foreign Minister welcomed the Chief Executive to France, and condemning terrorist attack in Kabul, extended his condolences to the Chief Executive. Mr. Le Drian said that he had traveled to Afghanistan several times and had a special interest in this country. In another part of his speech, French Foreign Minister added, “His country is closely following the situation in Afghanistan and will stand with the people of Afghanistan to protect and preserve their achievements in the recent years.

Mr. Le Drian called the relationship between the two countries historic which based on friendship and cooperation, and referred to Friendship Treaty between the two countries and the first French archaeological excavations in 1922 as examples of this historic friendship.

The French Foreign Minister also called for talks between the two countries to finalize a strategic treaty between France and Afghanistan, and directed the new ambassador to start talks with Afghanistan at an appropriate time.

Mr. Le Drian congratulated the Chief Executive on holding successful parliamentary election, and called it a sign of courage and support of the Afghan women and men from democracy. He also expressed hope that presidential election in Afghanistan would be held in a safe and credible manner.

Thanking Mr. Le Drian for his warm welcome and hospitality, the Chief Executive appreciated assistance of France to Afghanistan. The Chief Executive also described the relations between the two countries friendly, and supported start of talks to finalize a strategic treaty between the two countries.

Security situation, anti-terrorist struggles, preparations for the Geneva Conference on Afghanistan, peace talks, efforts to negotiate with the Taliban, Afghanistan’s regional relations and the areas of cooperation between Afghanistan and France were discussed at the meeting.