The Chief Executive Meets with Director General of UNESCO

The Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met with Ms. Audrey Azoulay, Director General of UNESCO, at its headquarters in Paris.

At the meeting, Director General of UNESCO welcomed the Chief Executive to the headquarters of the organization and reaffirmed the continued presence and cooperation of UNESCO in the field of education, maintenance and restoration of cultural monuments in Afghanistan.

The Chief Executive appreciated cooperation and role of UNESCO in Afghanistan and called for it to continue its presence and cooperation in the field of education and cultural affairs. The Chief Executive added that Afghanistan can play a positive role in establishing and consolidating stability in the region, which can help to promote growth of culture in the region.

UNESCO Director General added that UNESCO is ready to work with Sweden in capacity building, especially for Afghanistan's girls and women. She also added that UNESCO would assist Afghanistan in maintenance and conservation of historical monuments.

The Chief Executive added in order to strengthen cultural affairs, an Executive Committee for Cultural and Art has been set up in the office of the Chief Executive and he would personally direct it. The Chief Executive added that the committee was working with participation and presence of civil society organizations, representatives from artists and international organizations.

The General Director of UNESCO asked the Chief Executive to identify specific areas for cooperation so that UNESCO would cooperate with Afghanistan in those areas.

About security of journalists, the General Director of UNESCO appreciated formation of a joint committee on journalists' security and called for greater attention from the government of Afghanistan.